Thursday, August 7, 2008

*RANT*...Get me a .22

i have a dilemma. so there's this dog. he lives behind us. and EVERY SUMMER we have to deal with his barking, pretty much from morning til night and sometimes the middle of the night. this is the 3rd summer we've dealt with this. he's a big dog - a german shepherd, in fact. i know this because i finally hopped in the car with my mom and dad and went for a drive so i could investigate. we found a large german shepherd tied to a tree next to a pretty nice looking house. the rope he was tied with was tied waaaay up high into the tree, so there wasn't much slack - he couldn't lay down, run around, much less eat, as far as we could tell. he just stood there. barking. and barking. loudly. and methodically. and so he continues day after day and sometimes laaaate into the night. i've also heard him as early as 4:30 in the AM.

last summer, i finally filed a noise complaint with snohomish county. i faithfully noted the times of barking for a couple of weeks and sent in my complaint online. i didn't have much information since i hadn't done a drive-by that year. some guy called and said we'd have to get one of our neighbors to file a complaint with the exact same information. unfortunately, none of my neighbors were willing to "rock the boat" with another neighbor. DUH, people! they apparently don't need their sanity. they say they just learn to drown it out and live with it. i'm sorry. i can't even leave my windows open on a nice sunny day or sometimes on a hot night to get fresh air without having to listen to: BARK. BARK. BARK. BARK. BARK....PAUSE.....BARK. BARK. BARK. BARK. sometimes it's more than i can bear. i wonder about the owners. are they deaf? i would never let my dog bark like that.

so, armed with more information, i filed another complaint this year. same process, same response from county, same response from neighbors. sigh....

anyone have any ideas besides sneaking out with an air-soft gun? (i was joking about the .22. i think.) i can't bear to think of many more summers waiting for the poor dog to die or for them to move in order to get some peace and quiet around here!