Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ow, my kidney...

i think i might be getting a kidney infection...ouch. maybe i can get someone to stay with the kiddos so i can run to the doctor....anyways...

this week has been a little slower, thank God. we have been runningourbehindsoff every day! i couldn't remember the last weeknight we had a night at home. so that's what we did last night and it was glorious. after dinner and after the kids were snuggled into their beds, we watched Grace Is Gone (an independent film starring John Cusack, whom i looove). it was a great movie, but saaaaaaaaad and kind of slow at times. i'd recommend it though.

aidan went to bed with a fever on monday night, slept restlessly all night, and woke up with it again yesterday. ibuprofen seemed to help and he never threw up or anything. he was irritable, but still played normally and ate normally. so i was perplexed as to what was going on with the fever thing. then, last night, ryan said aidan didn't want him to brush his lower molars. DUH, molly! he's getting his big, huge, honkin' 2 year molars! sure enough, i felt back there and felt swollen, bumpy tissue. eck. poor little guy. so, i'm hoping this is the cause of the fever and stuff. still no teeth for delia. aidan was about 9 months when he got his first tooth. late teethers.

i got a few good responses to my dog problem, some which i could never legally do, but a few good ones were:

*buy a bark collar (?) and put it on their doorstep
*bake some brownies and put a muzzle with it, maybe with some nice flowers
*go and talk to the owners personally (shudder)
*someone offered me use of their airsoft gun
*call animal control (this i will probably do)
*something that involved anti-freeze (i'm not into hurting animals, though)

anyway, he still barks incessantly and i'm still losing my mind about it. i will get a plan together, though. oh yes, i will. i will not endure another summer like this one.

in other news, some of you have been wondering how the whole church thing is going. thank you to those of you who left such nice comments on my blog awhile back regarding this subject. you all were very encouraging. things are going as, well, expected, right now. we are going to do worship this weekend b/c we don't have any replacement. it's tough not getting a break...please pray this gets resolved! we have some vacation times coming up, and won't be there. and they can't just NOT have worship. so there you go. plus, we need breaks once in awhile :) other than that, we're moving right along. we are continually encouraged and strengthened by our friends and the people of our church. this is good!

ok, so that's what's going on. have a great wednesday, everyone. now, i'm going to try to figure out how to not have to drag my kids to a germ-infested walk-in clinic / doctor's office in order to get my kidney checked out.