Monday, August 25, 2008


hey, hi. i'm still alive. man, i'm finding it hard to find time to post as of late. too busy, i say. i'm looking forward to fall (my favorite time of year) when things slow down, air gets colder/crisper, leaves turn, and the pumpkin spice latte returns to its rightful place on the starbucks lineup. i love the "getting back into the routine" feel of fall and the rainy season it brings.'s almost here...

we got back from idaho on friday evening. i must say, the kids did unbelievably well riding both ways on the long car trip. aidan would get a little antsy, but would promptly fall asleep or chill watching veggietales. delia, we didn't hear a peep from either way. we were all amazed...such good babes. we had a great time in idaho - just hung out with family and did a little shopping. i think we're heading back in october.

we had a great dinner at The Ram in Northgate last night with Scott, Michelle, Cambria and Marissa. we were celebrating my 10 year anniversary of moving here. as i touched on briefly in one of my previous posts, i came to live with them for a couple of years. the girls were only 4 and almost 2. they are now 12 and 14! it's amazing how quickly time goes, and when i look at them, i realize how fast my kids are going to grow up. i stole a few extra kisses and hugs last night from my babies... sigh... well, i have a ton of laundry to do today *bangs head against wall* it's never-ending.

things to do this week:
pick up new crib (voucher for crib we sent back finally came)
clean the bathroom (yuck - a dreaded chore, but i think the scum in our shower is planning a hostile takeover)
buy sturdy winter shoes and maybe some rainboots for aidan (outlets with laura!!)
buy raincoat for aidan
buy jacket for delia
laundry, laundry, laundry
vacuum up maggie hair (she's temporarily gone - explained in my next post)
get rid of maggie remnants (bed, toys, etc) before aidan notices she's gone
grocery order (

happy monday, y'all.