Wednesday, July 23, 2008

still alive

i haven't posted in awhile. things have been crazy busy and i just haven't gotten in the mood to sit down and post. but i'm still alive!! here are some highlights from the past few weeks:

* dinner at the harris' while ryan was in san diego
* spent the day at the in-laws while ryan helped pour a concrete patio on the hottest day ever
* traffic court
* leah's bridal shower
* delia's dedication
* arrival of mom and dad and melissa
* dinner at ivar's on the waterfront
* family birthday party for aidan and dad and aunt karen
* aidan's new play set, fit with climbing wall and slide
* a girls' day with melissa, cambria, and marissa
* watching kevin play at the Tractor Tavern
* camping at Larabee State Park
* Harris' last Sunday at the Rock
* delia almost 7 months and sitting up on her own
* Mariners game with sweet seats with ryan, rebecca, and keri
* getting the flu
* seeing Batman last night with a 101 fever...miserable! good movie, though!
* aidan sleeping in his big boy bed last night!! he did great!!!

going to another Mariners game today with dad, melissa, ryan, and aidan. feeling better today!

i'll post some pictures soon!