Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Potty Training Week

We are well into Day 2 of Potty Training Week (will hereafter be referred to as PTW). Aidan has been showing more signs of readiness and has previously, yet sporadically, gone in his potty before. So, we bought some Elmo underwear and yesterday was Day 1. Day 1 started off with 2 accidents before 10AM (i'm talking pee everywhere) and another in his play tent around noon. After that, I decided to put the diapers back on (mistake?) and keep putting him on the potty every 15-20 minutes or so. Ugh. He finally, FINALLY pooped in the potty around 5:30PM and Ryan and I went wild and gave him his 2 "nums" (M&Ms). He was so proud of himself, clapping and shouting and saying " bye-bye, potty", as I flushed the toilet.

Today has been about the same - no potty in the toilet. Just in the diapers...seem to always miss it. At one point, he sat there for well over 40 minutes, but still didn't go. I think that is way too long to have him sit there. I turned the water on, the bathtub water on, gave him his sippy, sang songs, put his "Hee-Hee" (his monkey) on the potty and gave it a sticker when it "went", read books, said prayers, begged, pleaded...and still no potty. sigh...

Okay you experts out there. Let me have it. Should I put him back in the underwear and just endure the messes and have my carpets cleaned later? How often should I sit him on there and for how long? Is there anything else I can do? Listen, I know it's only Day 2, but I'm learning that I'll need more patience with this process than I ever thought I would. I'll have to conjur it up from somewhere. I'm up for the challenge; I just don't want PTW to turn into Potty Training MONTHS. What's your take?