Tuesday, July 8, 2008


as i mentioned in my previous post, we spent the fourth of july at our friends, the lowery's with numerous other friends. the afternoon and evening were spent eating bbq and laura's now-famous corn recipe (creamed corn with bacon on epicurious.com) and watching the guys shoot off fireworks, burning themselves, their shoes, and their clothes. ryan escaped with a few burns, a blown-up shoe, and a hole burned in his shirt (that i bought him). delia went to sleep in carver's crib during the fireworks in the late evening, but aidan, who LOVED the fireworks stayed up late with us and watched them. the neighborhood did not disappoint! it was insane!! here are some pictures...and if you ever get a chance, spend the 4th at the Lowery's.

ryan's burnt shoe

delia's earplugs

blowing stuff up

bocci ball