Monday, June 2, 2008

time and potty training

it is june. delia just turned 5 months. aidan is almost 2. our 8 year anniversary is in a couple of months...*sigh*....where does the time go? i can remember when i was a kid, christmas took FOREVER to come around each year. and i wanted to speed up time. the thought of christmas in 7 months makes me cringe already because i know that it'll be here before i know it. i wonder now how i can slow down time. my kids are growing, growing, growing, and will be so big before i know it. amazing.

we're gearing up for a busy summer. both of ryan's brothers are getting married (one in june, the other in august), my cousin is getting married (august), and we have aidan's birthday, dad's birthday, our anniversary, camping trips, ryan's backpacking trips and oodles of bridal and baby showers for me. we're also gearing up for taking aidan's potty training up a notch. he's familiar with his potty, sitting on it, and has gone several times, but it's few and far between - nowhere near scheduled. so that's my goal this summer. get aidan out of diapers, at least during the daytime. do any of you out there have any tips for me for beginning this potty training regemin (sp?)? he's such a compliant, pleasing child and very smart (all moms say that, right?) so i know he can catch on quickly. anyway, it's all a bit daunting to me. i mean, i was just changing his first diaper, you know?

it's another rainy day. it's laundry day for me. happy monday.