Tuesday, June 17, 2008

shot to the heart and you're to blame...

i've always said nothing surprises me anymore. i was mistaken. we got some heartbreaking and shocking news yesterday. i have a sad heart today and a mind full of questions. we didn't sleep a wink last night and i am depressed. the "stay in my jammies all day, don't do anything but sit" depressed. totally disfunctional. these things are always hard to blog about, but it is especially so right now because i'm not at liberty to discuss what's going on right now...let's just say our personal lives are taking some sudden twists and turns. God is teaching us to put our trust in Him, not people or circumstances. for those of you who are the prayin' type, please pray for ryan and i. we need healing of our hearts and some serious direction. i feel like that little lost sheep wondering where my shepherd went. i'm not okay when things are in limbo. i don't like change. i need a plan. i need to know what to expect day after day. otherwise, i don't function well. please pray that God reveals His plan for us, whatever that may be...and to heal our broken hearts. and to get me out of this funk.

in other news, summer officially starts on saturday. it's hard to believe delia will be 6 months old next weekend and aidan will be 2 in august. and i, i will be 30 in december. ugh. i don't have anything else to say in this post so i'm going to just post a picture. enjoy. love.