Friday, June 13, 2008

here comes the sun?

it's 9:20 AM and the kids are still asleep. how did i get so lucky? we're winding down a pretty busy week and gearing up for it to get even busier. i have a bridal shower and a birthday party to take the kids to tomorrow while ryan goes to his brother's bachelor party. (i sure enjoyed my weekend off last week, even just for a little over 24 hours, as it takes a lot to drag 2 kids around.)

last evening was pretty nice so we decided to take a walk and try out the new stroller. it worked great! aidan loved being able to see his sister. we won't have to use the infant seat for long in it, which is nice. as soon as she's able to support her head/upper body a little bit better, we can just put her in the seat. anyway, here is a picture of it:

the rear seat removes when aidan is older and has a jump seat and platform so that he can stand up and sit when he's tired. pretty neat!

i still need to find a dress for brendan's wedding. ugh. i have a week. i want something comfortable, not too short, not too long, sleeveless or capsleeved, preferably in a green or maybe blue...something springy anyway. i'd like an empire waist, sheery fabric and not too low cut. picky enough? i also (still) need to get a haircut! who's gonna pay for all this!??! ha ha...sigh

ryan is up for a raise at the end of july, which they'll make retroactive to june 1st. please pray he gets a decent raise this year. we've been barely making it what with hospital bills and stroller purchases and the like. just being on one income is tough and we've been really unsuccessful in changing our lifestyle to one income. we've been proud of being debtless and would like to stay that way! as the kids get a little older, i am exploring my options. i would like to work from home, but i'm wondering if my time might be better spent going to school. a friend of mine, robin, takes courses from Grand Canyon University Online and has loved it! i could get my teachers' certification and the tuition really isn't that bad. so i'm thinking this might be the best option for me in the next year or two. i wanted to be a teacher when i was little, and i would love to have my summers off to spend with my kids. all in all, a good option. the other option was nursing, which i think would be fun, but more intense schooling and i can't do it all online. the thought of entering a classroom gives me the chills. so we'll see. at least i have options.

ok. i've rambled enough and i think i hear aidan waking.
have a great weekend,