Monday, June 9, 2008


Some exciting things have happened in my life. One, my double stroller came on friday! Yay!! Now, if only the weather would shape up so I can use it! I really want to get out and walk with the kids every morning. Another is, I just got back last night from our girls' weekend winetasting getaway and all I can say is it was AWESOME. Robin, stephanie, julie, and I had a wonderful time in the warm upper 70's weather. Where we stayed there are 41 wineries, just in that vicinity. Don't worry, we only hit 4 before we had enough. Robin's mom was a great hostess and we look forward to a few trips back this summer! I brought back a bottle of Syrah and a bottle of Syrah Port (the best Port I've ever tasted) and last night Ryan, Kyle, and I enjoyed a glass of Port while we watched Juno. It was the perfect ending to my weekend.

I'm gearing up for a pretty busy couple of weeks. I need to get a haircut, birthday gifts and we have Ryan's brother's wedding next weekend (the 21st). We have all sorts of little stuff going on in between all that. Exciting stuff! The weather is still pretty awful for this time of year. We're used to getting June rain, just not EVERY DAY. I don't usually mind the rain, but it's getting old- even for me. Ok, gotta go get my coffee before the babes wake up. I'll try to post some new pictures of the kids and some from my weekend later today. Love to all.