Monday, June 30, 2008

case of the mondays...

so we have started a new week. a lot of you have asked me how things are going. other than dealing with some frustrations due to the ongoing changes, we are doing just dandy. we'll just keep going forward. luckily, we have some pretty great people around...that's enough about that subject for now. i'm not in the right frame of mind to blog about this right now...

it has been SO hot. today is supposed to be cooler. i have to admit, i felt a little cranky yesterday with the heat and my poor delia did too. maybe we are made from the same mold...poor ryan. so this morning has been spent trying to cool down the house as much as possible and i've managed to get it down to 76. ugh. on the flip side, it is beautiful! i tell ya, the northwest is the place to live when it's beautifully sunny. so green and gorgeous! we went to the Howarth Park (where we got married) yesterday for a family bbq with ryan's family. it was 10 degrees cooler because it was on the water. 80 degrees...perfect. we had a great time just hanging out. i wonder how i survived when i lived in the central valley of california where it was consistently 113 in the summer. oh yeah, i lived indoors.

i'm glad it's a short work-week. other than aidan's dentist and delia's doctor appointments, this week is also a slow week. i'm so grateful!! it's shaping up to be a beautiful 4th of July weekend, which is extremely rare around here. it's usually rainy! oops...delia just woke up. i better go get her!

i hope you all have a great day and happy-almost-july!!