Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I was going to go to Green Lake today with the girls, but I decided to be responsible and stay home and knock out the rest of my to-do list. I feel more energetic today, especially after my cup of coffee (yum, Peet's coffee!) and the weather is gloomy, so I feel better about being indoors today. I actually don't mind cleaning once I'm into it. It's the "getting started" part that I dread. I don' t know what's wrong with me. It's a good way to get moving, plus my house looks so much better afterwards. My intentions are always good, despite my clutter. I'm good at the in-depth cleaning part, just not the day to day picking up stuff. anyway...I'm trying.

I was up during the night with horrible stomach pains, like the stabbing-makes-you-want-to-die stomach pains. I was up for about an hour wondering if I was going to live. Ugh. I woke up feeling mighty fine, though, so who knows. Maybe it was something I ate.

Ryan and I watched American Idol last night. I was amazed at how much better David Archuletta did than David Cook. I think Archuletta will win. He has better vocals, technique, and he has the huge following of teeny-boppers. Anyway, I voted for him. Twice. I'm a nerd. That was the first time I'd voted. And I think that was the first time I'd watched an entire season non-stop. David Cook is good too, but his huge, huge, HUGE head bothers me. And the fact that he yells a lot and passes it off as singing. Okay, I have spent way too much time typing about that...

It's raining now...hope it doesn't continue into our camping weekend. I guess it doesn't matter though. I have a parka and it's rained lots of times before when we've camped and we always managed to have a great time. We have a great setup with shelter and everything...I'll post some pictures when I get back to give you an idea. We go to a lot of work. We camp. Hard.

Ok, it's chore time. But first, here's a cute picture of Aidan and MacKenzie at Green Lake. As always, he is chasing her.