Friday, May 30, 2008

new life

i just got home from the hospital where Carver Lee Lowery was born. when i first got there and visit my friend in triage, i thought *shiver* "it feels like i was just here...". as i sat and watched soon-to-be mommies coming in, and new mommies leaving with their bundles, i marveled at the miracle of life once again. it was impossible to not feel the excitement and anticipation in the air as i walked the hallways past rooms where i could hear cheers of encouragement, cries of anguish, and little babies wailing. i found myself silently rejoicing with them, wondering about each one. even the people waiting in the waiting room with us - the arrival of their new baby felt special, even to us. i realized, i love it there. it's an amazing place.

it was great to be on the other side this time.