Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Chapter 5 - patience, my friend.

Counting to Ten - Again: Are You A Patient Parent?

patience is something i struggle with. this blurb out of the book i'm reading (The Parent You Want to Be: Who You Are Matters More than What You Do), there is one little blurb that i highlighted which struck me. it goes:

"Young children are trying to figure out their world, their abilities, and the people around them. Their budding skills, whether physical or emotional, are much slower and more immature than an adult's. They can have a difficult time understanding what adults expect of them, and they can also experience frustration when they can't quite do what they expect of their own small bodies. The result is a season ripe for frustration and impatience. Even as young children are learning new skills, parents often have to fight the urge to help them put the puzzle piece in the right spot or finish a sentence for them. And that's exactly why patience - whether it's in the face of crying babies, toddler meltdowns, school-age sloppiness, or preteen defiance - is every loving parent's priority. It's why patience, as the saying goes, is a virtue."

i didn't struggle with patience much during baby-hood, but now that aidan is growing into toddlerhood, i am discovering the need for more patience. i laughed as i read that paragraph above, as i have many times "shown" aidan the right way to fit in that puzzle piece after watching his little hands struggle for a few seconds. potty training is another one. i know he's in a learning phase - he learns new words every day and recognizes a lot of the alphabet - but i realize that i seem to be more in a hurry than he does. maybe this is because i now have a second child, or i want him to succeed, but i need to slow dooooown. enjoy this time - and practice patience. let him figure out what his abilities are and how to use his little body. only when i learn to be patient will he learn to be patient. and i need to not expect too much from him. he is still so small! i loved this chapter.