Tuesday, May 13, 2008

caffeine and blogs

it has been the coziest of laziest days. i don't know why, but i always feel like this when ryan works from home. i am fortunate that i get to have ryan home with me at least once a week. his job is really great about letting him work from home. i guess he does deserve a few perks for working there for almost 11 years! whenever he is home, especially on a rainy day like today, i want to do nothing but curl up on the couch with a good cup of coffee and the laptop. so, today, that's what i have done (when i haven't been taking care of the kids).

aidan has a cold, so he is on nap #2 for the day; delia is well into nap #3 for the day. i love it when i can get them to sleep at the same time. so, i made a really yummy lunch today (chicken curry with peas, basmati rice, and naan) and we all had lunch together. aidan picked out his peas and ate them first. i have a weird child who loves his fruits and vegetables! delia is getting ever-cuter. i love to hear her coo and giggle and "talk" to us. she smiles with her whole face, her eyes, her cheeks and her cute little mouth. she's still so little and eats every 3 hours, which is kind of strenuous for me. she sleeps a ton, just like aidan did and still does. after 2 - 3 naps during the day, she falls asleep for the night around 9:30, wakes up around 7:30 or 8AM to eat and falls back asleep until 10 or so. it's lovely.

speaking of kids, i am reading a great parenting book. let me start off by saying i have always been a little skeptical about parenting books and "self-help" books. this one was written by people whom i am familiar with and trust. drs. les and leslie parrott are professors at Seattle Pacific University (where ryan went to school) and he took a class from Mrs. Parrott, i believe. the premarital counseling materials we used were written by them (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts), as well as a marriage self-help (Love Talks). so, when i saw they had written a book about parenting, i put it on my amazon.com wishlist and got it for christmas from mom barrans (thank you!). it talks about intentional parenting and recognizing which personal traits you would like to pass on to your children - and which ones you do not. i've just started and i think i'll blog about the pieces i find helpful and interesting. it also has questions after each chapter which are great if you want to read it together, which i would love to do if ryan agrees.

ryan leaves for practice in a few minutes, so i better go see if he needs dinner. i think he said he's eating over there. i want to make cookies again for him to take, but i always think of it too late. ugh.
ps. i tried to post a recent pic of delia, but blogger is being weird. better luck next time...