Tuesday, March 11, 2008

throw up and airplanes

my baby is sick. my oldest baby, that is. he has had the big bad flu for 48 hours now. we're in idaho and were supposed to go home today, but of course, had to delay our flight home until aidan feels better. i have to say, since this is my first time dealing with this, it is SO AWFUL to see your babies suffer. the poor little guy just moans "mommeee, mommeeeeee"...it breaks my heart. his little smile and laugh have been gone for 2 days and i miss them. he's just been laying around, so lethargic and whiney. i'm so glad we're at my mom's. i don't know if i could've handled this on my own. God knew i couldn't do it. anyway, he was able to keep down a few crackers and a popsicle today and is now sleeping soundly without a fever. hopefully, i'll see his cheerful self return tomorrow. meanwhile, please pray he feels better!