Friday, February 15, 2008

doctors and such

delia and i had doctor appointments today. mine was for my 6-week postpartum (yay, depo shot!) and delia's was for her continuing jaundice problem. it is still present, yet very mild. she gave some blood today for a slew of tests and hopefully, i will have good news that we don't need to go ahead with any other treatment. her levels will probably be pretty low. so i'm waiting for the results. she weighed in at 9 lbs 9 oz. today. what a big girl! she's finally starting to outgrow her newborn size and fitting into 0 - 3 months sizes. so it's exciting to finally put some new outfits on.

in other news, ryan and i have been lucky enough to go out 3 times in the past week, leaving the tots with babysitters, whom we love and trust. it was wonderful! we went out for ryan's birthday, valentine's day (the day before) with our small group, and the real valentine's date last night. it's so wonderful to have people to watch our children who truly love them and enjoy spending time with them. our kids love them too!! we never have to worry!

we also received a wonderful gift from our church family - an espresso machine! they gave us a lovely basket full of syrups, grounds and a gift certificate for dinner at a nice restaurant! we felt truly blessed and appreciated. it was awesome! the espresso machine arrived on monday, and i've been trying to figure it all out. so far, i can make a pretty good espresso shot. i guess that's a start! anyone have any advice?

well, that's about it for now. hope you all have a great weekend!