Friday, February 29, 2008

babies and knitting

weight - 10 lbs even!
length - 22 inches
head circumference - 15 cm

she's a growing girl!! delia had her 2 month appointment today and all is healthy and well. she had 4 shots and a billirubin heel-poke (last one). the doctor thinks her jaundice is all gone, but we're just double-checking to make sure. delia was all smiles until the shots. it was horrible - she actually sobbed and i felt sooooo bad. she's now sleeping soundly in her little bassinet, all worn out. thank you, gramma, for staying with aidan while we went to the doctor!

the weather was beautiful today, up until about 2:00. now it's windy and rainy and stormy! i've been sitting in our loft knitting a baby blanket while watching some shows i have backlogged on our DVR. it's cozy. i'm so glad it's friday!!

love to all.