Thursday, January 17, 2008


we had to take delia to her doctor for a slight (ahem) pooping problem. she hadn't gone in a few days, which i know is quite normal, but the abnormal part of it all was the fact that she spent hours upon hours grunting, bearing down as if she had to poop but couldn't. turns out, one suppository later, she's fine. AND she has gained almost a whole pound since birth! she weighed in at 7 lbs 10 oz, and measured 20 inches! she's a growing girl! i can tell she's gaining weight and getting heavier. she's finally starting to fit into newborn size clothes (yay!) and is developing some little rolls. she has such skinny chicken legs still! anyway, it seems the pooping schedule has returned, and we are back on track. she went back to eating every 2 hours or so (sometimes 3 ) at night, which has been somewhat of a strain on me. i'm so tired! but i know this time is fleeting, and there will be a day...i'll miss this time. she is such a dear baby - hardly ever cries and seems to have such a good little nature.

it's amazing how much i love my babies. everything in me wants to shield them and protect them from every ugly thing in this world. it's a shame they have to grow up. i guess the only thing i can do is make sure i show them all the beautiful things in the world. i have such an important job! one way to start is to reinstate my greenlake walks. please, sunshine, come quickly. i am fitting into pre-pre-PRE-pregnancy jeans. i want to keep it that way. i have lost 32 pounds since delia was born. i want to keep them off!