Sunday, January 27, 2008

1 month update

delia is now 1 month old - she is growing quite a bit and is cuter every day! she continues to sleep a lot during the day, and is awake a lot at night. not crying, just awake. so all of her little sounds keep us up. a few times we have rolled her bassinet into the hallway just so we can catch a couple of hours of uninterrupted sleep. *sigh*...i just keep reminding myself. it's temporary. hallelujah. she's putting on weight, so hopefully that will help her to sleep for longer periods. this every 2 to 3 hour stuff is killing me. she is very content during the day and hardly ever cries - only if she needs something. in that regard, i am very happy. aidan is doing pretty well with her. he has started a new phase: shyness. it is very strange to see him duck his head into our legs when we go somewhere with a lot of people he doesn't know. my happy-go-lucky, knows-no-stranger little boy is SHY! he warms up quickly, but still tends to be a little stand-offish. it's very odd to see. he's great with delia - we are trying to teach him to say her name, but he is still stuck on "baby! baby! baby"'s cute. it has been very cold here, but the other day we all got out for a much-needed walk in the neighborhood. i had delia in her stroller and ryan pushed aidan on his new bike he got from nana and papa for christmas. it was adorable. i'll have to post some video and pictures tomorrow (too tired right now)...

more later. love you all!