Thursday, January 31, 2008

1 month Checkup

we loaded the family into the car and to the doctor's office yesterday for delia's 1-month checkup. ryan had never met our pediatrician, whom i adore, so i figured it was about time he met the lady i'm always gushing about.

delia's stats:
weight - 8 lbs 14 ounces (!!!)
length - 21 inches

she still has mild jaundice, so i have been instructed to stop breastfeeding for 48 hours. evidently, there is some enzyme that inhibits the jaundice from clearing up. SOOO, i have been giving her formula AND pumping every 3 - 4 hours or so. the pumping is very time consuming and not fun. thankfully, it's only for 48 hours. she takes the formula like a champ, which i'm relieved about. she's a healthy, growing little girl!! other than the jaundice, she is perfect and very healthy. the doc mentioned she has "healthy bowels" when she felt her tummy. i smiled and thought, "of course she does! she's a barrans!"

ryan has returned to work this week. it's been interesting being home with two little ones. not nearly as hard as i had originally expected (although, this is the first week, and he worked from home 2 of the days...but STILL!) is nice to try and settle into a new routine and normalcy. i crave that sometimes. anyway, aidan is up so i better get to him. have a terrific day, everyone!!