Friday, December 14, 2007

week 35

well, here we are at week 35. seems i just posted week 34! time is going fast! one more week and i'll be considered full-term and i will try as hard as anything to have this girl before the end of the year!! take that, uncle sam! not much to report, just heartburn all the time. my back is much better at night since i got my little yellow pill-shaped friends. i actually got almost a full night's sleep last night, which was wonderful! i've been keeping Aidan up until 1:00 in the afternoon lately, because he'll then take a 3+ hour nap, which is lovely. it's a long morning, but a little worth it. he's getting into EVERYTHING!!! just think - i'll have 2 toddlers in a year! awesome! :)
i have to laugh just thinking about my future with two little ones. i've been trying to cuddle and love Aidan as much as possible lately because i know he'll soon feel a little left out. i want to avoid that as much as possible. i was looking at him today and had the thought, "he's still a baby!"...he's so little, still needs his mommy! so i'm enjoying every moment that it is just him and me. i have so much love for him - is it possible to love another just as much? anyway, my nap is due, so i hope this finds you well. loves.