Tuesday, December 11, 2007

strep? what strep?!

i'm feeling tons better, thanks to the help of my little pills. today was the first day that my throat didn't hurt. but i'm having a lot of contractions. pretty sure they're the fake kind still, though. but they are uncomfortable. makes me dread the real ones. the muscle relaxers have really helped me sleep though. so i'm very grateful. i'm not sure if they actually make the pain stop, or if they just make me not care. either way, it works for me.

we have a dinner tomorrow night with ryan's team from work. the last time i went to a team dinner, i was huge. funny, i'll be huge this time too. someone told me at church yesterday that it seems to them that i've been pregnant for forever (thanks for that). imagine how i feel! i had to agree...my poor body.

hope you're all having a great week, if you're reading this. love.