Tuesday, December 18, 2007

so, this week i hit 36 weeks - what my doctor considers "full term". i am going to have an ultrasound on wednesday (yay!) to see how big she is and try to nail down a delivery time. as the time draws nearer, i am constantly reminding myself how very blessed i am to be able to have this little girl. i was telling ryan today how i still think of aidan as my baby, and how weird it will be when he is a big brother. he's really really into poking eyeballs right now and saying "eye"...so that's probably how he'll greet his new little sister. either that or pick her nose. i'm a little sad that it won't be just me and him anymore. is that normal?? i know my heart will double in size when i see and hold my daughter, but it's so difficult to fathom loving another as much as i love my boy. i cannot wait to experience it! i also look forward to not being pregnant!! :)

ryan started his 2 week vacation today - yippee! it's nice having him home. we're working on some home projects that have been waiting to be done - cleaning out closets and donating clothes, books, vhs tapes, etc. it's amazing how much "stuff" we have collected over the years and it seems we never go through and get rid of it as we obtain more. i am loving the de-cluttering of my home. i am also almost done with christmas shopping, which is a good feeling! i did 90% of it online this year, which was AWESOME. i'm doing that every year. amazon.com has saved me. i have yet to send out my christmas cards. that will be my next project. i hope i get them out in time, but if i don't....oh well. they'll be late! well, i have a couple more things to do before i go to bed, so i better get to it. bye.