Monday, December 3, 2007

first holiday party!

we attended our first holiday party last night! it's hard to believe, as i'm sure you would all agree, that it is already december! this baby is coming soon! i have a feeling the time will really pass quickly with the holidays approaching. cambria took some pictures of me last night so as soon as i get 'em, i'll post them. then you can see how huge i am. i had one of those "does this shirt make me look pregnant?" days yesterday. *sigh*...

i'm going to decorate this week. we're getting our tree on friday. i figure i have another week or so of feeling somewhat able, so i'm going to do it while i can. in other news, we had quite a bit of snow over the weekend and it was beautiful! but a warm front combined with rain took it all away. it was nice while it lasted! now we have flood watches. i just realized too, that we're out of coffee here at home! this is not good!

if you're reading this...happy monday!