Thursday, December 20, 2007

36 week appointment

i had my 36 week appointment today, complete with GBS test and ultrasound, so we can see approximately how big the baby is. according to mr. ultrasound machine, she is right around 6.5 pounds already!! and i'm supposed to have a month left!!!?! whaa....?!?? noting my obvious anxiety, doctor agreed that the baby is "of a healthy size" and explained my options: c-section (no thanks) or inducement a week early. and mentioned if i happen to go into labor at any time beforehand, that we'll go right ahead and have her. i agreed to the latter, obviously (inducement) and so we shall set a permanent date next week on my appointment day (the 26th). it's looking like around the 10th of jan. i may try to sneak in a few days sooner. or i may just throw in a few jumping jacks a day. here's to a tax break baby for 2007!!! i know she'll come when she's good and ready, and honestly, i can wait 3 weeks if i really think about it. we want a healthy, full-grown baby with all her parts functioning normally. additionally, i think i will enjoy this calm before the storm. i'll scan/post the picture of delia tomorrow. hope all is well and cheers for now!