Saturday, December 8, 2007

34 weeks

i had my 34 week appointment today. my blood pressure is wonderful and delia sounded great. i sort of had a breakdown at the doctor's office today. i woke up with a powerfully sore throat - turns out i have strep. so, the doctor gave me a prescription for amoxicillin and another one for some muscle relaxers for my back. what a nice guy! i'm about to take my first pill for my back before i go to sleep and does the trick. i hate taking stuff, but i'm desperate. i was awake last night (this morning, rather) from 2AM to about 7AM. indigestion, backache, and a sore throat overtook any ability to sleep. it was awful. thus the breakdown. anyhow, my doctor cheered me up a little when he said, "well, you have about a month left, and after 2 weeks if you go into labor, we're not gonna stop you..." then he proceeded to tell me that when after i deliver, i should be down about 20 lbs or so. again, what a guy. he knows just what to say.

well, here's to muscle relaxers...cheers!

ps - i managed to bravely trek out with the family and cut down our christmas tree. pictures tomorrow.