Friday, November 23, 2007

32 weeks

ugh. that's how big she is. and that's how big i feel! just had my 32 week appointment - blood pressure is stable and she's measuring right at 31.5 to 32 weeks. she's been very active today and gets frequent bouts of hiccups (which i love). we talked again about early delivery and it looks like a possibility. at least a week early, which would be nice. we both agree that another 8 pounder is out of the question for me. i can't wait to put her in all of her cute little clothes!

in other news, Thanksgiving was wonderful. we went to ryan's parents' house and had a great time and, of course, great food. i started to come down with something though, and it is still making its appearance. i think it may be a head cold. i'm just achy all over. we went downtown today to meet friends for breakfast and the amount of people shopping downtown was INSANE. seriously. people are NUTS. i am not a believer in getting up at 4 am to save a buck or two. it's just insane. not to knock anyone who does it - more power to ya. well, i'm off to brush my teeth and pop some prenatals before going to bed. love you all!