Friday, November 16, 2007

31 weeks

i'm getting to the uncomfortable stage now. i'm slightly anemic, so i've been taking iron along with my prenatals. it seems to have helped with my being cold all the time, i think. i'm supposed to be eating a lot of iron-rich foods too, which is difficult when i don't have much of an appetite. so, i've been eating lots of raisin bran, along with my current craving of honeycombs. i only have an appetite for a few select things, like thai food, fruit and cold cereal. and, of course, ice cream. meats no longer appeal to me, and i want to vomit just thinking about steak. i'm going to have to start wearing my wedding ring on my necklace because it no longer fits. anyways, it's funny because normally, i never get up in the night to use the restroom, but now...sometimes i get up 2 or 3 times, and sometimes not at all. i never have a problem getting back to sleep though, thank goodness. it's getting harder to turn over now that i'm getting so big. so i always wake up when i turn over. let's see....i colored my hair the other day. i was feeling brave. it's a chocolate-y brown and i love it!

i have just about everything i need for delia. i have wonderful friends who have handed me down clothing (thank you, rachel and julie!) and it is such a blessing! it's funny to look in her closet and see PINK. lots and lots of pink!! in other news, pray for my blood pressure as it has started to climb like it did with aidan. it was about the last 2 months that i developed pre-eclampsia, swelling, and carpal tunnel (all of which are VERY uncomfortable). we're keeping an eye on things for now, but so far it hasn't climbed too high. i cannot imagine trying to care for aidan with carpal tunnel. apparently, it's a pretty common pregnancy-related condition, and goes away a few days after baby is born when swelling goes down. i look at pictures and i cannot believe how swollen i was with aidan! anyway, i couldn't even open doorknobs. i don't know how i would function! i was working a full-time job then and on the computer 10+ hours a day, so i'm hoping that i won't get it this time. well, aidan just woke up so i should probably go feed him some lunch. i hope this finds you all well, and congratulations if you made it through this very long blog!