Wednesday, October 17, 2007


woke up this morning and could barely get out of bed due to my back. i must've overdone it yesterday - i was on my feet a lot.'s on the couch for me today (when i'm not chasing aidan). ryan and i are leaving on friday to go spend the weekend at a vacation house in moran state park on orcas island with some friends, so a little r&r is in my future. aidan will be staying with grandma, which will be nice for me. and nice for him. he's such a good little guy, but getting to be more and more mobile, which makes it more difficult for me these days. but hey, as long as he keeps taking those 2 hour naps twice a day and sleeping 12+ hours at night, i'm happy. we're trying to figure out the room situations for the little ones. i think i'll put it off until after delia arrives since she won't need her room right away. that way we don't disrupt aidan right now too, 'cause Lord knows...i can't deal with that! anyway, i hope you all have a great day. we're expecting some nasty weather (monsoon remnants) to hit us today and tomorrow, so that should be fun. i'm going to stay inside with my jammies, slippers, and coffee. and my boy.
love you all.