Friday, October 26, 2007

does anyone actually read this?

i had a doctor's appointment today. as far as dr. appointments go, it wasn't a very fun one. i had to take the glucola test to make sure i don't have gestational diabetes (haven't heard anything yet). i had to drink the nasty orange stuff and sit for an hour and have my blood drawn. let me just say: longest hour of my life. i was literally standing over the sink, dry-heaving, trying to get the 10 oz. of sweet icky down the hatch. every sip was accompanied by medicine shivers. it was purely a mind over matter thing. then i sat as waves of nausea overtook me over and over in the waiting room for an hour. couldn't even read a magazine. after a pretty painless blood draw, i headed back to get my Rogam shot in the hip. needless to say...not a fun day. i hope the glucose test comes back negative. last time, i was "slightly elevated" and i had to do the 3 hour one. misery. pure misery.'s hoping. i didn't drink a latte beforehand like i did last time, though. hey, i didn't know. as far as baby goes, everything is right on track. i have only gained 2 pounds in this pregnancy so far, which is more than what i gained with aidan. the baby's heartbeat was mellow (we think she was sleeping) and she measured right at 28 weeks. everything looks ship-shape! i'm starting my 28th week (3rd trimester), so i am on the home stretch. hard to believe!!